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To be your conduit or Catalyst for bringing technical solutions, ingredients and finished products to market. At Catalyst Technologies Inc. we pride ourselves on our honest, ethical and transparent Supplier and Customer relationships. By holding ourselves to this higher moral standard we hope to earn your loyalty and business.

Chris Lesko


After 20+ years in the Personal Care industry I started a new distribution company, Catalyst Technologies, Inc., that is focused on what I call, The Triangle of Development. By focusing our efforts on this three-point sales process we are sure to bring success to our Suppliers, our Customers and our Industry.

At Catalyst Technologies, Inc. we are focused on facilitating a meaningful connection and relationship between our Suppliers and our Customers through a working transparency model. At the pillar of our philosophy I go back to one of my favorite authors and speaker, Zig Ziglar: “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” An old friend introduced me to this philosophy while I was a lab technician at Con Agra Foods about 25 years ago and I cannot be more grateful. That brief encounter and the birth of my first (of three) daughters gave me the motivation to look beyond myself and make that first sales call at a small lab down in Oceanside, California.

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Chris Lesko Catalyst Technologies, Inc.
Catherine Hoang

Catherine Hoang

Vice President

My experience in the Personal Care, Cosmetic and HI&I Industries began in 2008 shortly after I graduated from college. I joined Coast Southwest and worked there for four years before transitioning to Chemtec Chemical Co. and most recently I supported the West Coast territory with E.T. Horn’s Care Elements team prior to joining Catalyst.

I’ve spent my entire career in raw material distribution specializing in Personal Care collaborating directly with brands, beauty incubators, product developers, formulators, and contract manufacturers. It’s an honor to bring ingredients from premier global manufacturers to our clients to help spark creativity & innovation and bring stand-out products to market.

I currently serve on the Board of Directors for the California Society of Cosmetic Chemists and have previously held positions on the Board for Beauty Industry West (BIW) and as a committee member for CEF (Chemical Education Foundation)’s You Be the Chemist, a student science competition that celebrates the science of chemistry and elevates STEM careers.

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